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Instagram has changed the way how all companies market themselves. With 1 billion eyeballs that you know without question will be viewing what you put in front of them, it’s no wonder why Instagram has become the number one place to advertise and market your brand.


That’s why we have decided to offer an innovative way for you to always be in front of viewers. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a TV commercial when you have no idea who is watching, if they are even in front of the television, or maybe they are grabbing some food in the kitchen before
their favorite show or football game comes back on. What a waste of money!


With Brand Sponsorship you know very well when someone views the post, videos, likes, comments or saves the post into their library, then voila! You know people are actually watching and following and you are not guessing and hoping anymore. These results are right there in front of you anytime,
any day and from any computer or phone.


Our Brand Sponsorship program is broken down into a one month, three month or annual package that include the following on the Bio:

* Your Company Name

* Web site address

* Your IG Account to Follow

* One Daily Ad or Promo (for an upcharge, we can customize up to 3 a day)


This is a tremendous and powerful way to get your brand and company in front of our Followers but also due to our high traffic and activity, our views and posts often hit the explorer page for mega views and new viral followers as well.


Brand Sponsorship – taking your company to a whole new level. To learn more contact us today!


Everything needs maintenance and the most important thing about Instagram and the reason why your Followers stay active is because:

1. They like your content

2. They want to be engaged

3. They are curious to see what you are posting

If you are not managing your account then your engagement rate drops and Followers “un” Follow and that’s not good for your brand and market share.


By hiring our expert Instagram Account Managers who know the Instagram world, you won’t ever have to worry about losing engagement and Followers again.


We take over your account and post up to 3 posts a day where we include videos, pictures, and your own content, to keep your audience engaged and interested. This also makes sure that even as Followers drop as they organically do, your Follower Growth will increase more than they drop, due to the active account management, so you are always adding to your fan base.


We also continuously monitor your account and make sure it’s optimized for any changes or updates that occurs in the Instagram world.


Retaining one of our Instagram Account Managers will make sure that your account is actively managed 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and you will see engagement increase and Followers grow. If you have less than 10,000 Followers then make sure to ask us about our Viral Growth Services also as you may need to do both until we get you to 100K Followers for better sustainable results.


This is a month to month package that you can cancel anytime. Interested in learning more? Then Contact Us today!


It’s the easiest and most simple concept in Instagram. You have a product, service, brand you want to sell or promote. Our Digital Assets have high engagement, active Followers, and get Viral Views of 50,000 views per post. So advertise with us today!!


The only place to advertise now is Instagram. And we make it so easy. We offer one hour rates, 3 hour rates, half a day and full 24 hours. You will gain instant followers on your account as we reference your IG account. If you are interested in advertising every day then contact us for a more discounted package versus our one time ads.


The best part about advertising on Instagram is that you get to see immediate results of how many people viewed your post and because you are advertising it under a certain niche Instagram account, you already know those Followers like our niche and therefore will like yours too.


Interested in promoting or advertising your brand or company today on any of our Digital Assets we personally own? Then contact us today to learn more!


Follower Growth – it’s the total buzz word on Instagram. How many Followers you have is an instant acknowledgement of how big and famous you are or just the opposite – how small and inconsequential your presence is on Instagram.

How many Instagram Followers do you want?
1 Million Followers ?
10 Million Followers?
We can do it!!

Our company can change that for you. By working with our Instagram Experts and because we own so many highly interactive Digital Assets that have high engagement and interaction, that just us posting viral content and interesting stories on our own accounts and then saying “Follow @your company – you will start seeing Followers increase and then it just keeps growing and growing and growing!


It’s so easy for people to Follow you but it’s so hard to get them to Follow you – but that’s our expertise and that for us is easy to do! The best part about our Follower Growth service is that you don’t have to keep us forever as once you hit your “number” of Followers (100K IG Followers, 1m IG Followers or 10 m
IG Followers). Our expert Instagram Influencers know how to make that happen for you. And we don’t add “Fake Followers” so don’t expect your account to grow overnight to that 1 million mark, as that overnight “fame” only happens when it’s Fake Followers). Our process is real. Our IG experts are all based in the United States (and most are between the ages of 18 to 30).


These IG experts know everything about IG as they grew up with it. Trust our team to deliver results. It will be the best marketing decision you ever made for your company.


Hire our team today to start increasing your Instagram Follower Growth in a natural and organic system through our cross promotion and shout out for shout out techniques and other internal and proprietary strategies developed over the years. We’ll hit your goal and then some. So if you are ready to have
your company be known in the Instagram World, then the only way that happens is to have a lot of Followers. And we can get that done for you! Contact Us today to learn more!


Our Guarantee!


50,000 Views on your post, video or content each and every time!


Results delivered in one week or less.


Or how about getting your video to hit the Explorer Page when you may have only 10K Followers? We can do that too! How you ask?


It’s all part of our secretive proprietary internal system and method that we have fine tuned over the last several months. BUT… it won’t last long. Want your video, post, content or brand to go Viral and even hit the Explorer Page? Then contact us today.


Space is limited in this niche service we offer due to volume restrictions. So act today and contact us to get your company and brand to have Viral Views and hit the Explorer Page for the entire world to see!!


Content Creation is the biggest driver that fuels the online world today! Every day people want to read more and more – they want to watch more and more – the want to see more and more. They just want MORE!


Our internal team as well as vendors with whom we partner range from size and scope and niche. We can help with any of these following services, and if it’s not listed contact us anyway and we can always see if based on our resources and contacts in the IG world we may still be able to find exactly what you need! Contact us today to learn more!


We have videographers that will come to your place of business, hotel, cruise, yacht, night club, event, million dollar + real estate listing, store, restaurant opening, movie premier, private party, new fashion show, or whatever it is you want, and we can create as many videos as you want (no more than 1 minute in length as Instagram has that as a maximum.


There is nothing more cool, hip, happening then footage taken with a Drone. Where has this thing been all my life? We have several models and types and we come to where ever it is you want us to come and we take awesome, deaf defying crazy drone footage. It’s the coolest thing out there and we strongly
recommend drone footage for anyone! It’s still relatively new and many don’t even now how to fly it let alone maneuver it to go upside, backwards, slow, fast, up and down and all around. It’s an absolute must for anyone wanting to go Viral or become someone on IG.


Our expert editors take raw footage of videos and make it look like a million bucks. The best part is these videos belong to you! Once we finish our editing it becomes one of the content pieces we use to promote on our IG accounts or throughout any of our own Digital Assets. And the best part, this videos belongs to you! The time process is usually two weeks from competition of the Raw Video to completion of the editing for a final video to be posted and marketed throughout IG.


We team up with a great network of writers both in house and externally to write about anything in your niche and space and to then post it on your Facebook page, Blog, Web sites, etc. Again all content belongs to you. Even if we write it, it’s always your own content that you own and all the content is
always authentic and genuine.


If you don’t have the time to wait and grow your Instagram Account, we do offer a boutique service to vet and source Accounts for you to buy outright. That’s right – you can actually BUY established and active Instagram Accounts and become an instant owner of a 1m+ Follower IG Account


Think about it – an Instagram Account is a Digital Asset. So let’s say you are a luxury international hotel brand and want to buy out all the Instagram Accounts that offer Luxury Niches, to then dominate those eyeballs with your hotel chain all over the world. That’s where we come in. We can help you
accomplish that. What’s great is that you go from zero to 1m+ Followers or more overnight using our Instagram Account Acquisition Services.


WARNING!! This may sound so easy to do, but there is nothing easy about it!
There are many barriers of entry and challenges faced when entering into the buying and selling of IG Accounts, including:

1. Figuring out if the Followers are real or Fake?
2. How to secure your Account to avoid it from being Hijacked back?
3. Sourcing and Vetting the background and history of how the account was “raised”
4. Do the analytics and research reflect the interaction based on the number of Instagram Followers
5. And at least another dozen things to watch out for when buying Instagram accounts!


Many have tried to do this on their own and have realized only AFTER they paid tens of thousands of dollars that the Account was fake and worthless and some ended up losing the account completely as it got hijacked back by the Seller! True stories and happens all the time if you don’t know what you are


Our Instagram Account Acquisition Influencers are experts in this space and vet the Accounts to make sure the transaction is secure and safe. We also act as the middle man in the deal, and never reveal who the real Buyer is to keep you anonymous and protected throughout the transaction.


This has become the most popular service we offer as many have the cash and resources but don’t have the time or patience to “grow” an IG Account from scratch, so buying an established highly active and engaged account that fits into the niche and services you currently offer may be the smartest business
decisions you’ll ever make! Contact us today to learn more.


Did you know that every day, hundreds of Reporters have deadlines on their stories and need to get a quote from Experts like YOU to include in their Articles?

– Did you know that our Reporter Leads programs is delivered into your Inbox 3x a day, Monday through Friday?
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This is the biggest PR Secret ever and now we have just disrupted the entire PR Agency Game by saving you thousands of dollars ever month.


Here is how it works! Click on the link below to get signed up for your 7-day free trial and within a few hours you’ll get the next Reporter Leads E-Mail straight into your inbox so you can see exactly what we are talking about.


We will send you 10 PR Tips on how to write a great PR Pitch!