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Content creation – IG8 Media

Content Creation

Content Creation is the biggest driver that fuels the online world today! Every day people want to read more and more – they want to watch more and more – the want to see more and more. They just want MORE!

Our internal team as well as vendors with whom we partner range from size and scope and niche. We can help with any of these following services, and if it’s not listed contact us anyway and we can always see if based on our resources and contacts in the IG world we may still be able to find exactly what you need! Contact us today to learn more!

We have videographers that will come to your place of business, hotel, cruise, yacht, night club, event, million dollar + real estate listing, store, restaurant opening, movie premier, private party, new fashion show, or whatever it is you want, and we can create as many videos as you want (no more than 1 minute in length as Instagram has that as a maximum.

There is nothing more cool, hip, happening then footage taken with a Drone. Where has this thing been all my life? We have several models and types and we come to where ever it is you want us to come and we take awesome, deaf defying crazy drone footage. It’s the coolest thing out there and we strongly
recommend drone footage for anyone! It’s still relatively new and many don’t even now how to fly it let alone maneuver it to go upside, backwards, slow, fast, up and down and all around. It’s an absolute must for anyone wanting to go Viral or become someone on IG.

Our expert editors take raw footage of videos and make it look like a million bucks. The best part is these videos belong to you! Once we finish our editing it becomes one of the content pieces we use to promote on our IG accounts or throughout any of our own Digital Assets. And the best part, this videos belongs to you! The time process is usually two weeks from competition of the Raw Video to completion of the editing for a final video to be posted and marketed throughout IG.

We team up with a great network of writers both in house and externally to write about anything in your niche and space and to then post it on your Facebook page, Blog, Web sites, etc. Again all content belongs to you. Even if we write it, it’s always your own content that you own and all the content is
always authentic and genuine.