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Brand Sponsorship – IG8 Media

Brand Sponsorship

Instagram has changed the way how all companies market themselves. With 1 billion eyeballs that you know without question will be viewing what you put in front of them, it’s no wonder why Instagram has become the number one place to advertise and market your brand.

That’s why we have decided to offer an innovative way for you to always be in front of viewers. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a TV commercial when you have no idea who is watching, if they are even in front of the television, or maybe they are grabbing some food in the kitchen before
their favorite show or football game comes back on. What a waste of money!

With Brand Sponsorship you know very well when someone views the post, videos, likes, comments or saves the post into their library, then voila! You know people are actually watching and following and you are not guessing and hoping anymore. These results are right there in front of you anytime,
any day and from any computer or phone.

Our Brand Sponsorship program is broken down into a one month, three month or annual package that include the following on the Bio:

  • Your Company Name
  • Web site address
  • Your IG Account to Follow
  • One Daily Ad or Promo (for an upcharge, we can customize up to 3 a day)

This is a tremendous and powerful way to get your brand and company in front of our Followers but also due to our high traffic and activity, our views and posts often hit the explorer page for mega views and new viral followers as well.

Brand Sponsorship – taking your company to a whole new level. To learn more contact us today!