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Advertising – IG8 Media


It’s the easiest and most simple concept in Instagram. You have a product, service, brand you want to sell or promote. Our Digital Assets have high engagement, active Followers, and get Viral Views of 50,000 views per post. So advertise with us today!!

The only place to advertise now is Instagram. And we make it so easy. We offer one hour rates, 3 hour rates, half a day and full 24 hours. You will gain instant followers on your account as we reference your IG account. If you are interested in advertising every day then contact us for a more discounted package versus our one time ads.

The best part about advertising on Instagram is that you get to see immediate results of how many people viewed your post and because you are advertising it under a certain niche Instagram account, you already know those Followers like our niche and therefore will like yours too.

Interested in promoting or advertising your brand or company today on any of our Digital Assets we personally own? Then contact us today to learn more!