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Account Acquisition – IG8 Media

Account Acquisition

If you don’t have the time to wait and grow your Instagram Account, we do offer a boutique service to vet and source Accounts for you to buy outright. That’s right – you can actually BUY established and active Instagram Accounts and become an instant owner of a 1m+ Follower IG Account

Think about it – an Instagram Account is a Digital Asset. So let’s say you are a luxury international hotel brand and want to buy out all the Instagram Accounts that offer Luxury Niches, to then dominate those eyeballs with your hotel chain all over the world. That’s where we come in. We can help you
accomplish that. What’s great is that you go from zero to 1m+ Followers or more overnight using our Instagram Account Acquisition Services.

WARNING!! This may sound so easy to do, but there is nothing easy about it!
There are many barriers of entry and challenges faced when entering into the buying and selling of IG Accounts, including:

  1. Figuring out if the Followers are real or Fake?
  2. How to secure your Account to avoid it from being Hijacked back?
  3. Sourcing and Vetting the background and history of how the account was “raised”
  4. Do the analytics and research reflect the interaction based on the number of Instagram Followers
  5. And at least another dozen things to watch out for when buying Instagram accounts!

Many have tried to do this on their own and have realized only AFTER they paid tens of thousands of dollars that the Account was fake and worthless and some ended up losing the account completely as it got hijacked back by the Seller! True stories and happens all the time if you don’t know what you are

Our Instagram Account Acquisition Influencers are experts in this space and vet the Accounts to make sure the transaction is secure and safe. We also act as the middle man in the deal, and never reveal who the real Buyer is to keep you anonymous and protected throughout the transaction.

This has become the most popular service we offer as many have the cash and resources but don’t have the time or patience to “grow” an IG Account from scratch, so buying an established highly active and engaged account that fits into the niche and services you currently offer may be the smartest business
decisions you’ll ever make! Contact us today to learn more.